During the summer months,  Novigrad has a few restaurants that serve regional food like fresh seafood, ham, cheese and various other dishes. There are also some cafés and bars where you can endlessly drink coffee, beer and wine.

If you want to cook at home and enjoy your dinner on the terrace you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits (on some days also fish, eggs and honey) just under the terrace at the local market. For basic products like milk, bread and sugar there are two smaller supermarkets. There is also a bakery next to the market. You will wake up each day to the smell of freshly baked bread.

Fresh meat and fish can be bought in Posedarje, a village 10 kilometres from Novigrad. In Posedarje there are also supermarkets with a wider range of products. You will find large shopping malls and chain stores on the way to Zadar and in the city itself. 

For further nearby food recommendations please check our map: