Kuća Kamena means "House of Stone", or simply "Stone House". It is located in the heart of the small town of Novigrad in Dalmatia. The house has its origins in the sixteenth century, but exists in its current form since the mid-nineteenth century. The last renovation took place in the 1980s, but the house was damaged during the war and occupation in the 1990s. In 2011, I began the process of restoring the house. 

The house was renovated according to cultural heritage regulations imposed on the old city center of Novigrad, and redesigned using locally reclaimed materials. Great care was taken to add contemporary flair to the house, without competing with the old. Small imperfections in the original structure were not erased, but rather accented, retaining the special character of this particular house. 

Kuća Kamena is made for slow living, and follows the pace of the sleepy small town around it.  The house has been designed using traditional techniques, with special attention to the sounds, smells and shapes that envelop it. By preserving these intangible elements of the architecture, I have managed, in turn, to preserve some of my strongest childhood memories. 


Boris Kajmak

For more information about the artist visit www.boriskajmak.com

For more information about the renovation process visit www.novigradhome.wordpress.com

Photography of the house: Tom de Gay.

Photography of the town: Tom de Gay, Michael Kutschbach.